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Ario Capture e-Rig

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  • The Capture e-Rig is the only e-Rig on the market with a reclaim chamber.  Why is this important?  For anyone who has used any of the e-Rigs on the market they will tell you that the biggest problem with all of them is that the vapor condenses on the bottom of the bubbler.  This creates a lot of wasted oil!  The Capture e-Rig solves this problem with our patent pending atomizer design.  The vapor encounters the reclaim jar first, thus preventing much oil build up on the bottom and inside of the bubbler.  And because it's an Ario Vape product, you know that it's reliable and easy to use.  The single button function controls the 4 different power levels (the bubbler lights up to indicate power level) and the device vibrates when at temperature so there is no guesswork.